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    Accelerate your AI and/or IoT Project with personalized help from our Microsoft technology experts

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For any customers/partners looking to implement Microsoft’s AI or IoT tools, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies


One-week long complimentary, personalized development sprints for engineering teams, tailored for your own project


Learn what’s possible, reduce time to market, benefit from Microsoft’s engineering guidance

For the joint Microsoft - Sony collaboration Lab please follow this link

Microsoft AI & IoT

Discover how joining one of Microsoft’s state-of-the-art lab facilities and program can help your development team build skills, overcome problems and reach goals faster.

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Why join Microsoft AI & IoT Insider Labs?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are transforming how people, devices, and data interact in every sphere of life.

However, the pace of change is exponential. Organizations often struggle to spot new technologies quickly or they may miss important pieces to build their ecosystem - making them unable to move fast enough develop their potential. If your organization is developing an AI and/or IoT solution, you may be able to use Microsoft’s AI & IoT Insider Labs to help solve your AI and IoT challenges, as well as get guidance and recommendations from Microsoft AI & IoT technology experts.

What will you get?

Through a streamlined, but customized to fit your needs process, your engineering team will work directly with dedicated Microsoft AI & IoT technology experts.

We have comprehensive programs to help you achieve your goals in a way that fits your needs: From personalized brainstorming sessions, rapid prototyping engagements to more generic seminars, we’ve got you covered.

Ultimately, our goal is to help you digitally transform your products, services, and your business.


Apply and join the Lab in 4 steps:


2. Go through a comprehensive onboarding process (2-3 weeks) ?


3. Schedule and design the sprint


4. Go through the sprint with your team (1 week)

Lab Locations

Labs are located in Redmond, USA, at the heart of Microsoft’s product group expertise; Shanghai, China, one of the international hubs that drives innovation and empowers the ecosystem and Munich Germany, a hub for European partners.

Microsoft’s AI & IoT Insider Labs offer you access and facilities to build, develop, prototype and test your solutions for your market.

Virtual Labs

Currently, all Labs, except for Shanghai, are run virtually.

We provide convenient and safe virtual engagements. Teams meet in virtual rooms, the sprints are organized with agile methodology including a project planning session, daily stand-ups and side-by-side engineering building sessions.

Virtual Labs: Available anywhere in the world.

Our Microsoft technology experts are here to help


Electrical Engineers


Cloud Engineers


Data Scientists


Program Managers


Software Engineers

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AI & IoT landscape is changing fast.

Apply now for Insider Labs to get the opportunity to co-engineer your solutions with Microsoft technology experts.