TECH TAGS, a retail innovation accelerator program initiated by Microsoft AI & IoT Insider Labs, officially debuts today to scout for technology startups. Three multinational retail giants, including a leading luxury group, a beer & beverage group, and the world's largest integrated sporting goods group, joined as partners.

With the aim of connecting its partners with technology startups, TECH TAGS leverages Microsoft's cutting-edge AI and IoT technologies to accelerate the implementation of innovative retail solutions and boost partners’ digital transformation, so to land on a wider spectrum of landscape driven by technology in the post-pandemic era.

TECH TAGS puts an emphasis on innovative solutions acceleration in various application scenarios to bridge eligible startups and the partners. The first batch of innovative solutions to be accelerated will cover three main areas: consumer experience, logistics efficiency, and smart stores, with a pivot on which solutions can be implemented for the following challenges.

Focused Areas

1. Consumer Experience

  • - Display technologies (e.g. naked-eye 3D, interactive cabinets)
  • - Technologies for sensory experiences other than vision
  • - Diverse retail technologies for metaverse fusion
  • - Customized gifting message and digital interactions

2. Logistics Efficiency

  • - Logistics scheduling and preserving (especially in terms of return cargo and fleet utilization)
  • - Retail partner resource management system

3. Smart Store

  • - AGV robot shelf display inspection vision solutions (excluding the AGV robot itself)
  • - Intelligent recognition of merchandising labels (based on vision technology)
  • - Intelligent energy control and optimization system
1. Access to commercial programs with direct contact with the three multinational retail giants
2. To reside at Microsoft AI & IoT Insider Labs and get Microsoft’s technology enablement
3. The opportunity to display your solutions in the Microsoft A I& IoT Insider Labs
4. Join the network of Microsoft A I& IoT Insider Labs to explore more business opportunities, and to co-sales with Microsoft
5. Startups that are successfully resided at Microsoft AI & IoT Insider Labs will enjoy special policy support from the Zhangjiang government, financing channel matching, etc.
Selection Criteria
1. Startups or teams located within mainland China
2. Ability to advance solutions and land PoC for the multinational retail giants with Microsoft AI & IoT Insider Labs
3. Solutions that are AI or IoT driven are preferred
4. Solutions that have the maturity of commercial implementation, with relevant industry customer cases are preferred
Deadline: Now until mid July, 2022 

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